Research and development 

The advancement of computer systems and the emergence of various peripheral devices have necessitated the development of additional devices for media connectivity and expansion. 

We are actively researching and developing a wide range of devices to meet their needs and making them widely available.

Digital Converter & Multi-Splitter

We are conducting research and development of products based on the technology of receiving, converting, and extending digital signals (such as HDMI and DVI) for output.

Zero Client USB Extension Controller

The computing technology involves utilizing a dedicated switch device (USB Multiple Transmitter) that converts USB signals to Ethernet cables for transmission, and it is connected to a USB terminal (receiver) that provides virtual computing for up to 12 units.

Zero Client 

USB over IP

The network setup involves utilizing USB over IP technology to connect the server, network switch, and USB terminal devices (receivers) using Ethernet cables. Each terminal device is configured independently, similar to an individual PC.

Frame Grabber Card

A PCI USB 3.0 frame grabber card supports six ports and applies independent host controllers to enable fast and stable data transfer. This feature allows it to be utilized in industrial vision applications, where reliable and high-speed data transmission is crucial  

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